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Delight, Elegance and Paradise - Printed Vellums Heaven

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hello! Wishing a beautiful day for you all, and if it isn’t yet, let me make it for you with some gorgeous crafty goodness! Today we will see more of our pretty vellums from the following themes – Delight, Elegance and Paradise.

As we know vellums are translucent sheets, they add an element of elegance to our projects and hence, they are my best friends! I love using all sorts of vellums from our collection in my projects

I have shared some crafts with the vellums for your reference, you may have a look at them below-

1. Delight- what delights us in the visible beauty is invisible! The first from vellum series – DELIGHT

From which I have used the pink watercolor stripes pattern to decorate the box along with a ribbon closure and butterfly tag from Floral elements and tags sheets

2. Elegance – Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. The second from vellum series – ELEGANCE,

and for this beauty I made two things, first this greeting card with blue waves pattern and second, a tag with that pretty floral vellum sheet!

3. Paradise Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind and you create it wherever you go! Creating it for the crafters with us with these beautiful designs was our job and we did it! Made two crafts with this as well.

First is this rosette embellishment and second is this pocket/envelope which has a clip closure that has this cute bow I made from my scraps of Pink Pamper and a love tag from Love elements and tags.

These were our initial launches in the printed vellum category and the love has been increasing for them ever since! They are perfect to be used for giftwrapping , adding a layer or such cute elements as shown above and so much more as creativity has no limit!

I had so much fun creating these. I hope you like them!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

Do tag us in your creations @craftastique @craftastiqueindia on Instagram and we would love to share them with our Craftastique family!

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